Conversations on New Beginnings:

The Growth that can come from NEW BEGINNINGS…

w/ Reagan & Jordan

Conversations on New Beginnings:

At times, a new beginning can come fast and dismantle so much in its wake. It is at that point we must push pause and realize there is so much more than just excitement that comes from a new beginning! In fact, if we can catch that emotional roller coaster a bit before it takes off, even better!

And sometimes a new beginning cannot come soon enough! The excitement and anticipation of a vision, mission, dream coming life is one of the most euphoric feelings one can experience.

It is the gentle awareness of oscillating between joy and enthusiasm of what is here, and morning the lose of what was; that is a beautiful dance! One that we must get really good at, as the world we know is constantly shifting! We are constantly adapting to our new perceived reality and this adaptation with awareness of and gratitude for our deep duality is a must!

So as we are all going to be learning, struggling & adjusting  for the next few days, and the rest of our lives (human condition), I hope you listen to this message as a sign to stay aligned to that inner spark, turn it into a flame, and continue to enjoy with curiosity and joy, each completion and new beginning cycle that come your way. 

The beauty, grace and allowance of loss that comes with each new beginning. Learning how to let go of what no longer serves us as we step deeper into our connection to the present moment of each new beginning.

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