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It’s Jordan and Reagan here. We are a mother daughter tag team for your spiritual knock out of awakening, or as my mom would say, “your co-companions for your inner awakening! Seriously! We are two souls on very different paths, but as in all of the World’s Wisdom Traditions, the destination is always the same; It is love. Our deepest desire is to align, deepen, grow, share, repeat.

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SOOOO, we are in some interesting times, my friends. I cannot recall another time in our global history where we have been forced to social distance and stay inside. Although this shift was imposed, there is an opportunity here. Whether the opportunity is experienced through a breakdown to a breakthrough, or a gentle discovering of the inner game of aligning with your inner being, The Source within you, or as the Mystics call it: “The Divine Indwelling.”

Since this imposed lifestyle has become our present reality, it has sparked in my mama and I the awareness that all of life is connectivity; love is connectivity. And in order for one to connect with another at this level, one must deeply connect to their soul first. 



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Reagan (the mama) is the most well read woman I have ever met. Her background is in spiritual direction with several degrees and certifications from a BS in business Marketing from Santa Clara University, to being a Certified Life Coach from The Life Purpose Institute. More than anything she has dedicated her introversion to the study of all paths that lead to the ONENESS of life. She also has done year long programs in Soul Driven Leadership, The Four Fold Way w/ Angeles Arrien, Sacred Journey and The Art of Spiritual Direction at The Mercy Center in Silcon Valley. More than that since 1984 she has been receiving Spiritual Direction and has steeped herself in the care of the soul.

Jordan (the daughter) is an out pouring of love, light and joy. (if I do say so myself.)From a young age my mother showed me that there are many paths to one truth. The truth that we are all one and we are all LOVE. It is from this foundation that my curiosity and desire grew to create a deeply free life. I earned a BA in English and minor in Philosophy from The University of Portland and Level 3 Certifications in Alchemy, Qabalah and Leadership from The Alchemy Mystery School of Seattle. That combined with Level 3 Reiki Certification, and Moon Aki attunment (A Peruvian ritual of passing of Healer Rites), I have found my purpose is to co-create and share a life of health, happiness, and freedom. @jojomonro

It is from this space that we have realized the importance of our calling and bringing these principals and practices into our sphere of influence and our business worlds. Along with our entire family, we have developed companies and teams in the thousands doing just that: Declaring and creating a lifestyle of health, happiness and freedom daily that does not ignore the inner game! From their book Mastering Leadership, Robert J. Anderson and William A. Adams say, “creative leadership springs from the pursuit of purpose, from discerning and defining a personal purpose worthy of our deepest commitment. Purpose is longing- love for what the soul wants to pursue most in this life.”

Together we are excited to guide you through the understanding of these ancient wisdom traditions, combined with daily practical tools to create an environment where you feel this deep connection to who you are and why you are here!


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